Hospedería Fonseca • Universidad de Salamanca
29 June - 2 July, 2015 Salamanca (Spain)


The scope of EDISON 2015 covers nonequilibrium and hot carrier dynamics in semiconductors, optoelectronics and nanostructure devices, with emphasis on the physics of transport and optical phenomena, including:

  1. Nonequilibrium carrier transport in bulk and nanostructure systems
  2. Coherent carrier dynamics in solids for quantum processing and communications
  3. Coherent/incoherent carrier dynamics and ultra-fast optical phenomena
  4. Terahertz phenomena in semiconductor materials and devices
  5. Semiconductor-based spintronics
  6. Carrier dynamics in organic materials
  7. Electronic properties of graphene and graphene-based heterostructures 
  8. Ultrafast carrier dynamics in energy conversion processes
  9. Nonequilibrium thermal transport in devices and nanostructures
  10. Nonequilibrium carrier dynamics and fluctuations
  11. Novel materials and devices


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